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This has truly been a godsend! I have been living with chronic back pain ever since my car accident over 10 years ago. Pain medication wasn’t helping and I was needing more and more. Since trying cryotherapy, everything has become so much more manageable. I’m so impressed. I would highly recommend this to anyone who suffers as I do.

Evelyn R


I would definitely recommend this alternative before you try cosmetic surgery. The Cryotherapy Facial is really rejuvenating to my skin and has really affected my wrinkles and sagginess. I love the way it feels, also!

Lanie T.


I use the local cryotherapy on my shoulder and arm. I love to play softball, but am finding as I age that my throwing arm can get pretty sore after a game. I come in for treatments pretty regularly and it has really helped. I feel like I’ll get to play for another 10 years now!

Mike F.

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